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East Oahu circle drive exploring Oahu's creation: Volcanoes, Polynesian adventurers... and human sacrifice to Ku, the God of War

Lanai Lookout
The Creation tour route map





4 Hours

Available between 8AM to 5:30PM

Available all year

Diamond Head Lookout, Lanai Lookout(*1) , Halona Blowhole, Makapu'u Pt., Ulupō Heiau, Kailua, Nu'uanu Pali Pt., Nu'uanu Pali Drive

All tours are fully customizable and include: a naturalist/historian, a driver, a Yukon SUV or similar, entry fees of visited sites, car beverages, and free pickup/dropoff in Waikiki/Honolulu. 


East Oahu is the perfect place to understand the birth of the island, its evolution, the arrival of the Polynesians and what is the final fate of this spectacular island paradise.

Part One of our east Oahu circle journey takes us through Waikiki past Diamond Head and along the rocky coast to Makapu'u Point. Our focus will be on the Polynesian discovery of Hawaii, as well as Oahu's oceans and volcanoes, erupting as recently as 7,000 years ago. At the same time, the island is sinking, melting, eroding and sliding into the ocean at a fantastic rate. During the winter, you will have a chance to view humpback whales.


Continuing along the Kalanianaole Highway, the next portion of our journey focuses on the Ancient Hawaiians and their quest for divine power (mana) to conquer their rivals or stave off natural disasters. We will visit an ancient Hawaiian temple site of human sacrifice dedicated to Ku, the God of War.


After driving through the town of Kailua, we climb the Ko’olau Mountains to Nu’uanu Pali Pt. for a ringside view of the largest avalanche known on earth. Finally, we’ll stop in the rainforest to discuss how it works and the impact of introduced plants and animals on Hawaii’s ecosystem before returning to Honolulu and your requested drop off location.

*1-Hanauma Bay is temporarily closed to commercial vehicles, we are stopping at Lanai Lookout instead

For more information you can request info, call 808-762-1500 or e-mail

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