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The Bishop Museum

The greatest collection of Polynesian artifacts in the world

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2 Hours

Anytime from 9AM-5PM

Available all year


The Bishop Museum


Meet your private guide at the entrance to the Bishop Museum. Private transportation for pickup and dropoff can be arranged for you at additional cost.


Exploration of the Bishop Museum acts as a perfect introduction to Hawaii's Polynesian legacy and the natural history of the islands.

We begin your discovery of the Bishop Museum at their enormous globe of planet earth to get an overview of the global forces that created the Hawaiian Islands and their position in the center of the Pacific Ocean on the Tropic of Cancer which creates the best weather on the planet.

In the Pacific Hall, we will discuss the great era of Polynesian exploration and how they navigated across ten million square miles of open ocean to inhabit over a 1,000 islands in the Pacific. In the Hawaiian Hall, you'll view some of the greatest Hawaiian treasures in existence including the massive ki'i ("tiki") statue of the Hawaiian war god Kuka'ilimoku, the magnificent chief's cloak of 500,000 bird feathers given to Captain Cook, and finally we will hear the stories about the great Kings and Queens of Hawaii from King Kamehameha I to the unprovoked overthrow of Queen Lili'uokalani at the end of the 19th century.

This tour can also be added as an extension to any other tour.

For more information you can request info, call 808-762-1500 or e-mail

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